About the Mayor

About the Mayor

The Mayor is the Civic Head of the Council. In May of each year, one of the Councillors is elected to serve as Mayor for one year and another elected as a Deputy. The Mayor chairs meetings of the Full Council and represents the city at ceremonial occasions. The Mayor also welcomes international visitors and attends events organised by local people.

The Mayor for 2019/2020 is Councillor Allah Ditta

Mayor of Worcester Allah Ditta

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Allah Ditta moved to Worcester in 1967 and attended Samuel Southall School, which is now Bishop Perowne CE High School.  He has been both employed and self employed, running a grocery store and a city taxi firm.

Cllr Ditta was first elected to Worcester City Council in 2000.  He is a member of Disability Sport Worcester, the West Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, and the Cemeteries and Crematorium Forum.

He is married to Naseem Akhtar, who will be Mayoress.  The couple have six children and twelve grandchildren.

Cllr Ditta’s nominated charities during his mayoral year will be St. Richard’s Hospice, Worcester Wheels and Headway Worcestershire.  He will also be raising funds to support Worcester Cathedral.

Councillor Jo Hodges is Deputy Mayoress for 2019/20

Past Mayors of Worcester Since 1999

2018/2019 – Jabba Riaz

2017/2018 – Steve Mackay

2016/2017 – Paul Denham

2015/2016 – Roger Knight

Mayor of Worcester 2015/16 Cllr Roger Knight

2014/2015 – Alan Amos

Councillor Alan Amos

2013/2014 – Pat Agar


2012/2013 – Roger Berry

This is Councillor Roger Berry's last week as Mayor of Worcester

2011 – 2012 – Dr David Tibbutt

2010 – 2011 – Mike Layland

Mike Layland

2009 – 2010 – Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts

2008 – 2009 – Lucy Hodgson

Lucy Hodgson

2007 – 2008 – Stephen Inman

Stephen Inman

2006 – 2007 – Ian Imray

Ian Imray

2005 – 2006 – Aubrey Tarbuck

Aubrey Tarbuck

2004 – 2005 – Allah Ditta

Allah Ditta

2003 – 2004 – Gareth Jones

Gereth Jones

2002 – 2003 – Robert Rowden

Robert Rowden

2001 – 2002 – David Clark

(No photo)

2000 – 2001 – Mary Drinkwater

(No photo)

1999 – 2000 Josephine Hodges

(No photo)

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