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Mayor’s Week: 25 February – 3 March 2013

Mayor’s Week: 25 February – 3 March 2013

This has been a week of American visitors to the Guildhall!  First on Monday, we welcomed Rotarians from Carolina on an exchange visit to the UK.  They had visited Worcester Cricket Club for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Guildhall, where we were also treated to an English Cream Tea, courtesy of the Worcester Rotarians.

Then on Thursday, we entertained university lecturers from Duluth, Minnesota.  They particularly enjoyed the artworks, and the sense of history of the building.  It certainly is important to recognise the potential the Guildhall has as a tourist attraction.

Worcester's historic Guildhall:  a major tourist attraction
Worcester’s historic Guildhall: a major tourist attraction

Also on Thursday, we welcomed Year 6 students from St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary school in Warndon. It was one of the most enjoyable visits we have had, as the children were so interested in history and their questions really kept us on our toes!  We hope to be making a return visit when we shall attend their forthcoming fundraising event – involving a circus in the school grounds.

We also had a final meeting to plan this week’s charity banquet; we are so grateful for the many donations which will provide a real boost for this annual fundraiser.

The launch of Fairtrade fortnight was preceded by judging artwork on the topic from many Worcester schools. It really was a hard job, as so many new ideas had come from the budding artists.

On Friday we attended the Fair Trade Coffee Morning and were able to present prizes to the winners of the art competition, who also joined us in the Parlour for a short visit.  Thanks to Worcester Trade Justice Network for organising the occasion, and to The Co-operative and Tesco’s for providing Fair Trade products.

Saturday was an opportunity to attend the annual Young Enterprise Spring Fair in Cathedral Plaza and present awards to the winners. It was a good opportunity to talk with youngsters and see all the products they were selling from Young Enterprise Companies promoted by schools across South Worcestershire. This is certainly a great opportunity to develop those enterprise skills that are so needed if the economy is ever to recover.  We congratulated all the youngsters who have worked so hard in building up their companies and promoting them.

Mayor’s Week: 18 – 24 February 2013

Mayor’s Week: 18 – 24 February 2013

The early part of the week was dominated by the annual meeting of the City Council, where its share of the annual Council Tax bill was set.  The meeting of full Council was transferred to the Assembly Room to accommodate the large numbers of the public expected – although in the end only three were present, along with several members of staff.

It was my role to chair the meeting and despite the close votes, the controlling Party carried the day – although for the first time in my memory, they were outvoted on two resolutions by the opposition. Afterwards I hosted a late night drinks reception in the Mayor’s Parlour, where councillors recovered and found things upon which we all agree.

On Wednesday Jill and I attended Cecil Duckworth’s opening of Latimer Court, on the former Ronkswood site. It is a fine development, welcome in the City, and designed to meet all needs of the elderly who require residential care.

Later during the evening we attended a reception at the Kings School Boathouse, to mark the merger of Guise Jones and Sawyer to form GJS Dillon.  It is always nice to see local partnerships developing, yet preserving their local experience.

On Thursday I attended the opening of the Skipton Building Society, which is still a mutual, in their new premises at 2 The Cross.  They had previously been located at Broad Street for over 18 years. It was nice to inspect the premises and meet customers, many of whom I had known over the years.

On Friday, after my regular walk with the U3A Walking Group, Jill and I welcomed the forty- strong All Saints Chapel Choir from the Rikkyo University in Tokyo during the afternoon. They were really interested to see the City’s heritage and even entertained us to one of their spirituals! They performed later on Saturday at St Martins Church London Road – I only wish we could have been present to hear them again!

Saturday saw us supporting a Fairtrade information stall outside The Guildhall in what was really bitterly cold weather.  It was a good opportunity to meet members of the Worcester Fairtrade Group, in preparation for our own coffee morning next Friday 1 March at 10.00am at The Guildhall.

Photocall 25 Feb 2013

Tickets are still available for our annual Charity Banquet on Friday 8 March in The Guildhall. Come and join us for a great night out!  Cabaret entertainment will be provided – please contact Susan O’Kane on 01905 722001 for tickets.

Mayor’s Week: 3 – 10 February 2012

Mayor’s Week: 3 – 10 February 2012

A week when we developed our skills as tour guides, with several visits to the Parlour and Guildhall. It is pleasing that so many people want to see one of Worcester’s “gems,” and I hope plans can be developed to give access and usage to a wider cross section of the public.

On Monday we showed a party of French students from Montpelier around the Guildhall; they are currently staying with pupils at Worcester’s V1 Form College.

Afterwards we met members of the Worcestershire flower arranging society to plan arrangements for our next fundraiser, the Charity Banquet on Friday 8 March.

We welcomed visitors from Canada who are visiting Europe, and also a leading local business on Wednesday.  They enjoyed the visit; particularly trying on the mayoral robes and Chain!

As part of the City Council’s ” Heart City” programme with The British Heart Foundation, Jill and I undertook Health MOTs at The Guildhall on Thursday.  These checks were offered to all our employees and councillors.  It is particularly important to take advantage of these opportunities, and like many others I need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, watch my waistline and undertake more exercise.  It was an opportunity to take stock, and confirm my participation in the local U3A Walking Group!

Having my blood pressure checked by NHS Health Trainer Claire Lokjo
Having my blood pressure checked by NHS Health Trainer Claire Lokjo

In the evening we attended the Big Build Event at The Worcester Snoeszelen in St Johns, where we were shown around by two well informed service users.  We were asked to cut the ribbon to the White Room which has been refurbished, and take part in the launch of their appeal for £300,000 towards the new Arts Centre.  This facility is every bit as essential as the city Sports and Leisure centres and I hope it will receive the support it deserves from Worcester citizens.

On Friday I kept my resolution, joining the U3A Walking Group at Broadheath in the morning!

In the evening, Jill and I attended our fundraiser, the annual concert by Worcester Concert Brass, at the Guildhall.  It was an excellent concert with an extremely varied programme. Thanks to conductor Chris Licence, the soloists and all the Concert Brass Players who made it such an enjoyable evening.

On Saturday I supported a Consultation Day at The Guildhall, which sought views on proposals to commemorate the centenary of The First World War in 2014.  It was a well supported event, with a most interesting selection of exhibitions which I hope will promote some strong support for our future proposals.

Mayor’s Week: 28 January – 3 February 2013

Mayor’s Week: 28 January – 3 February 2013

The week began with a hectic Monday.  First I met with the City Council’s Managing Director and Leader, and then it was off to the Rotary Club, to make further arrangements for the Charity Banquet on 8th March.  Tickets are still available!

Later, Jill and I attended the formal opening by the Bishop of Worcester of the Maggs Activity Centre, at St Alban’s Annexe.  It provides skills training to help people manage their lives better, including budget management training, computer skills, cookery, help with form-filling and arts and craft activities. It is really interesting to see this development; congratulations to all the staff and service users involved.

On Tuesday I welcomed new staff to the Guildhall and the Mayor’s Parlour, as part of their induction.  During the evening I attend a budget setting meeting of the Council.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to save money whilst still trying to protect services.

The following day I attended a meeting of The Consolidated Charity; then in the evening a Scrutiny Committee, which focussed on preventive health strategies.  There is clear evidence of the need to tackle social disadvantage and adopt healthier lifestyles.

We met with a local person who is trying to improve services for people with profound physical and learning disabilities on Thursday.  Then we attended the launch of official T- shirts to celebrate Red Nose Day, at TK Maxx in the High Street. This is an important fundraiser and deserves support.  Interestingly, we also met Pippa Langhorne and her dog, Buddy- she was almost upstaged by her furry friend!

On Friday we attended the West Midlands regional launch of Energy Club, at The River School. It is designed to promote a new generation of active kids, by promoting physical activity both before and after school.  After watching an interesting demonstration, we presented certificates to staff from Gorse Hill Primary and The River School, who had undertaken the necessary training.  The children were obviously enjoying the new approach.

This was most interesting, and made an excellent link with Council activities earlier in the week on preventive health strategies, where we discussed the obesity crisis and the need for more active lifestyles.

Worcester became a 'Heart City' last year, in a bid to promote healthier lifestyles
Worcester became a ‘Heart City’ last year, in a bid to promote healthier lifestyles