Chrissie’s Rocks. What a great night, lots of enthusiasm, great performances, some very good performances, a tight, live band and a support team including teachers, parents and ex-pupils. A real community school show of We Will Rock You at Christopher Whitehead Language School. And what a way to give younger people experience of some of the great music of their parents and grandparents, as well as the exciting technological developments, like the VHS video.

A wide range of people from across the county gathered in the Guildhall to wish the Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire, Patrick Holcroft, well in his retirement. Recognised as a committed worker and supporter of local causes over the decade, his last year has been particularly busy. Another interested Custos Rotulorum, in my experience.

As Chair of The Arches – Worcester project I was pleased to welcome delegates from all over the country to the Guildhall to mark the programmes funded by the Cultural Development Fund, which in Worcester has meant renovating the railway arches, producing the Light Night and other festivals, and much more. It was great to have that national recognition for the city after local people have turned out in their thousands to really get involved in the project.

It’s the season for civic services and this week it was my actual employer, the Chair of Worcestershire County Council, who organised a service full of references to rural issues and the natural environment.

I visited G-El Green Lighting recently, a city company working on energy saving in the domestic setting, nestled in an industrial estate in my own ward. They don’t need me to boost their sales though, since Princess Anne was also there.

Finally, one of my charities, Onside Advocacy, put on a superb Greek pop-up café at The Mix in St. Paul’s Street – it was fun and filling.

Signing off now, H60B for yesterday.

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