Mayor’s Diary: 10 – 16 February 2018

Mayor’s Diary: 10 – 16 February 2018

Now I’m no sports journalist – I’ll leave that to the professionals – but how do I do justice to the game we watched last Friday at the University Arena?

Worcester’s Severn Stars Netball team played Manchester Thunder and came within a cat’s whisker of winning.  The play was fast with continuous attack, and aggressive with a sheer determination to win. The Stars who only came together in 2017 were winning at half time but lost by one point in the closing seconds of the game.  Disappointing for them I’m sure, but an incredibly exciting game for the spectators. Ten out of ten for their efforts.

As I wrote last week, the variety of mayoral engagements is huge, and this week was no different.  In contrast to the game, on Tuesday I met with the Rev. Doug Chaplin, who was responsible for arranging the Holocaust Day memorial event at the Guildhall last month.  He was truly surprised at the numbers of you who came to watch and take part in what was a very moving ceremony.

On Tuesday Alison and I also entertained a group of volunteers from the Worcestershire Parents and Carers Association.  This is a group concerned with not just children with disabilities, but the families who look after them – ensuring there is assistance available to help prevent isolation.  It was a pleasure to entertain them and I do believe that they enjoyed the visit.

The Mayor, at the beginning of their term in office, selects charities to support.  In doing so there are various events put on throughout the year to raise money for them, and of course this takes quite a bit of organisation.  So this week I met with representatives from Headway, Onside Advocacy and Victim Support to co-ordinate some up and coming events.

Catering, entertainment and volunteers to assist all have to be arranged.  I really do appreciate all the very professional help I get with this from those volunteers and our own Civic Office.  I do hope you will be able to support these occasions.  Please keep a look out at for the dates and times and if you have the opportunity, come on down to one, I’m certain you will enjoy the evening!












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