Mayor’s tribute to World Mental Health Day

Mayor’s tribute to World Mental Health Day

…based loosely on ‘Lullaby’ by Professor Green:


Being a Man 

It’s been a while since I last dreamt

Finding it hard to get to sleep, too stressed

Pretending this crap don’t get to me

I suffer in silence when I’m hurt

A man’s problems are his own

mental health issues leave you out on your own.

Too proud, or scared to talk, all pent up inside.


And it’s my burden

But I find it hard to switch off, my mind’s in overdrive

Going through all the scenarios at full speed

Off the rails, my train of thought is in need


Sick of pretending to be so happy

My anxiety’s inside’s killing me

I look up to the sky

It comes down crashing,

the walls close in and the ground swallows me up

As if all the good in my life in a flash disappears

In an instant, that thing is just so distant


I see the ones who I love, the ones who love me

But how can I tell them, in case they judge me?

It’s just meee, wish I could let somebody in

But I have never been too trusting


Sick of all these nightmares

I hide everything that’s going on inside


Guess it’s been a while since I’ve been honest,

I need help, but I deny it and even lie, to myself


I just wish someone would tell me it would be great

I just want to see a glimmer of hope, in this darkness , okay!


It’s hard, depression is a slippery slope

I don’t wanna do what many have done , with a rope,


Damn gotta get out of the trap I set in my mind.

All this negative self talk , all these eyes watching me

If I only I could escape into reality, but years and years of

Being stuck in this black hole, its going to take some time so make a note.


I just need a friend to love and take care of me, keep me going and be there for me, to listen understand and try to connect the dots, if they can.


As life never works the way you plan especially When you’re trying to be a man.

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