Mayor’s Week: 17 – 23 April 2021

Mayor’s Week: 17 – 23 April 2021

This week has been busy with electoral commitments.  As Mayor of our city I play a neutral role, avoiding any political discussion and not expressing political views when performing the role.  I am, however, only able to hold the privileged position of Mayor because I am a City Councillor and was elected as Mayor by my fellow councillors last May.  If I was not a councillor, I could not be Mayor, and so it is true of all past and future Mayors that first we have to be politicians in order to hold that office.

I have been honoured this week to be able to take part in the fifth Polish Heritage Day to be celebrated here in Worcester.  I recorded a message which will be put on to a video to be presented and promoted by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London on 1st May, Polish Heritage Day.  It is an opportunity for me to thank the Polish pilots and airmen for the part they played in WW2 in protecting Great Britain from invasion during the Battle of Britain.  I was also able to say thank you to the Polish people living here who have shown a true community spirit during this year of pandemic, helping and supporting their neighbours.

On Friday and Saturday, I launched a series of talks and demonstrations for the City Council’s ‘Know Your Place Worcester’ and the NHS’s ‘Life Stories Worcestershire’.  These free online platforms give access to hundreds of archive photos, historic maps and pieces of data which will enable people to discover more about their local area and explore the city’s heritage.  This is a valuable and much-loved resource for local people to reconnect with their past – I was happy to share some of my memories with others at this launch.

I hope that you are enjoying the good weather and the new freedoms of being able to join with another household, or as part of a group of six, in the open air.  Small steps to be taken with caution towards a more familiar way of life.


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