Mayor’s Week: 18 – 24 July 2014

Mayor’s Week: 18 – 24 July 2014

This week has reinforced my strong view that Worcester has all the ingredients to be a major tourist centre and we should get a grip on it by marking out a heritage trail, like so many other cities, with arrows on the pavement signposting tourists to all the main sights in an easy way. For example, attending an evening showing at the Museum of Royal Worcester Porcelainproved what a worldwide heritage we have to sell. The following day, I hosted a group of Chinese students in The Mayor’s Parlour, confirming that the Chinese are high-spending tourists. Another opportunity to “sell” Worcester came when I welcomed in The Parlour a group of students from Le Vesinet, one of our twin towns, and I spoke of how essential it is that we all remember our common European heritage and history in which we have so much in common, with very few real differences.

Like most men, I don’t enjoy spending too much time on clothes shopping but during my afternoon in the High Street, I was struck by the universal courtesy, helpfulness, and friendliness of all the sales assistants I met. So, a big thank you for making my task almost enjoyable and for giving the tourists a good impression of our City.

When I did the Grand Opening of Perry Manor Care Home I realized our City has cutting edge facilities to offer too. This Home is a model for the future as it felt more like a hotel than a traditional home (I was tempted to book a place there, but not just yet!). And congratulations to the Home for building up a fantastic relationship with Perry Wood Primary School. Well done to the teachers and staff for producing such polite and enthusiastic children who helped with the opening.

Opening the Family Fun Day in Cripplegate Park in aid of Frankie’s Legacy was yet another reminder of how many volunteers we have in the city who give their time and expertise to organize events and fundraise for worthy causes and, on a lovely sunny day, so enjoyable too. Well done Lisa and Russell.

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