Mayor’s Week: 19 – 26 July 2019

Mayor’s Week: 19 – 26 July 2019

This week’s diary – not unlike life itself – is a tale of winners and losers.  My face was as red as my mayor’s gown on one occasion, I’m embarrassed to say!

But first to business: you will recall I invited the managers of High Street banks to discuss fundraising initiatives for my charities with a £100,000 target in mind.  Sarah Thompson of Barclays Bank had some winning ideas.  I was also glad of an opportunity to say a personal thank you to Edward Kendrick for his bright ideas with Severn Freewheelers.  This resulted in the handover of a high-powered motorbike to the Blood Transfusion Service, so even faster deliveries can be made.  Lots of winners there, for sure.

Age Concern UK is an organisation whose work I hugely applaud and two separate meetings brought home the amazing work they do.  Later the same day I met with the Worcester Twinning Association, which is  marking the 20th anniversary of our close ties with our twin city in Massachusetts with much anticipated performances by the city’s choir, now over here I’m delighted to say.

Children from St Joseph’s School showed me where they spend their days and so this week I reciprocated, showing them where I spend mine… the Parlour.  Very impressed they were too.

And now the embarrassing bit…. my wife Naseem and I were invited to Hallow Sports and Social Club for a Malvern Hills District Council’s charity skittles evening and guess what…?  First time she’s ever played, and she beat me by a mile!

Saturday was frantic: a visit to the opening of Battenhall Rise Play area; wielding the lightsabre to open the ‘May the Toys Be With You’ exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery; dancing with WODYS in a high-energy preview of their up-coming production, to the surprise of shoppers in Crowngate; and a charming service in the Cathedral to say farewell to Graham Usher, the Bishop of Dudley.  And on Sunday we were in Pershore for the town’s Civic Service.

Oh yes, and, in a non-official role, a face-to-face with another winner: personally congratulating Boris Johnson on his success this week. You may have read about it.


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