MAYOR’S WEEK: 21 – 27 APRIL 2024

MAYOR’S WEEK: 21 – 27 APRIL 2024

Mayor Louis Stephen with members of the St George's Day Parade

Last Sunday it was the Scout’s annual St George’s Day parade. I’m always learning. The sun shone on the hundreds of Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers as they marched past the Vice Lord-Lieutenant Gilbert Greenall taking the salute.

There was a warm positive atmosphere with the High Street packed with proud parents and grandparents. What I had not expected was the Cathedral service just prior to the parade.

I say this in a good way – I’ve never been to a Cathedral service quite like this. Cubs and Scouts have changed a great deal over the years.

Participants of the St George's Day Parade

The service included lots of singing, audience participation “it’s behind you” and lots of laughs as they put on a short play retelling the story of how St George overcame the dragon in the most engaging way imaginable – at times we were in stitches on the front row.

All of the organisers deserve much deserved thanks – they are all volunteers and do so much in our communities creating a fantastic social environment for our young people.

The Scouts in Worcester meet in 10 groups within our city. With over 1,100 young people and 350 volunteers. Unfortunately, not every area is fully covered. In the north of the city, 12th Worcester would love to open a Scout Troop so the Cubs can move up when they reach 10 years old.

And in WR2 they have a huge waiting list for the Squirrels’ age group of 4-6 years old. They need volunteers to help open these sections.

Society changes and with it so do organisations like the Scouts. They are an inclusive organisation and welcome diversity in volunteering. Whether you work with young people directly, a trustee, or an admin superstar, they are ready to welcome you. Visit Scouts Worcester to express an interest.

Participants of the St George's Day Parade

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