MAYOR’S WEEK: 5 – 11 MAY 2024

MAYOR’S WEEK: 5 – 11 MAY 2024

Mayor of Worcester Louis Stephen on the bike bus

This week I joined the Honeywell Bike Bus in Dines Green. It was great to be able to show a bit of Mayoral support for this fantastic initiative.

Not yet familiar with bike buses? A bike bus is a brilliant way to support and encourage primary school children to cycle to school, reducing traffic and giving families the experience of cycling together.

Bike buses can also improve on-road cycling proficiency, with the safety of being directed by adults and surrounded by other children cycling.

Bike bus routes are planned for school runs, marshals and others ride in formation to make sure children on the ride are kept safe from vehicles.

Worcester’s first bike bus was started by Katie and Rob Collier at North Worcester Primary Academy, and Bike Worcester have been doing a great job supporting other parents to set up their own bike bus.

In January 2023 Worcester City Council granted Bike Worcester £1,000 to be used to help start bike buses at other primary schools in the city.

They’ve got flags, vests and banners to publicise bike buses along the journey and outside of schools. They also help share routes and bike bus information to schools and parents, ensuring new bike buses keep momentum and increase interest over time.

Bike buses show the power of, and the demand for, cycling on the school run. Bike Worcester are campaigning for safe routes to school without the need for a bike bus to keep small children safe. Until then, we need to continue to support and expand bike buses in every primary school in the city.

If you want to know more about an existing Bike Bus, or you’d like to volunteer or set up your own, visit the Bike Worcester website. Bike buses are explained in this Youtube video.

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