Last weekend saw the return of the Worcester City Runs for their ninth year in Worcester. I had been aware that in previous years a lot of runners appeared on a Sunday morning in September, but had little understanding of the scale and importance of this for the city until I was asked to start and finish the races this weekend.

On Saturday, Paula Radcliffe hosted the ‘Families on Track’ event, where mums, dads, kids and grandparents enter as a unit and complete the 10km course in relay. This is a fun race where adults and children run together involving everyone whatever their age or ability. A great way to encourage children into exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Sunday saw the Junior Run, 10K Run and Worcester Half Marathon all run in relatively quick succession, which is testament to the organisers. What struck me was the variety of runners, from our future athletes in the Junior Run to an 86-year-old competitor in the half marathon. There was talk of records being broken by established athletes, large amounts of money being raised by ordinary people and there was even a team dressed as a bobsleigh.

The two day event attracts 4000 runners to the city, both local and from afar. Walking home after the event, I could see that the city cafes and restaurants were buzzing with medal wearing contestants and their families bringing welcome trade to our local businesses on a Sunday morning.

Congratulations to all the competitors and to the winners. I take my hat off to you for all the hard work preparing and all the money raised. The work now starts for Worcester’s tenth anniversary of this event in 2024.



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