Mayor’s Sonnet to Frank

Mayor’s Sonnet to Frank

Ode to Frank , The Guildhall’s Pride


To me, fair friend, you never can be old,

For as you were,  when first your eye, I eyed.

Such seems your beauty still, elegant and sublime.

29 winters long have you from the Parlour to the Chamber took,

29 Mayors’ egos and prides!

29 beautiful springs to yellow autumn have turned in this very lower hall, through your laughter and your humour many moments to enjoy.

In remembrance to the dead every November you were ever present, your eyes shed tears, yet your heart showed courage but no fear.

29 fresh May elections to 29 hot Civic Services in June, have you witnessed in procession to the Cathedral.

All with equal Pride, passion and the vigour of youth.

With the sweat of your brow, Sword in hand, never once did you flag , frown or flounder.

The Pleasure of Her Majesty & The Royals did you on two occasions receive & entertain,

With grace and dignity did you perform a sight to behold, cherish & remember.

Yet you never tire, complain, groan or moan, this a Wise man’s quality I do admire for sure.

Since first I saw you fresh, which yet you, are still green.

Ah, yet the beauty and loyalty, in you I still see.

So your sweet hue, which methinks still doth stand,

With this Portrait a part of you will finally be embedded in my fabric, and my heart will be at ease

As one of my greatest bondsmen is finally acknowledged with such elegance and grace as can be.

Like a lover being united with his beloved

It is a pleasure to have you amongst the ranks of greats that these walls have seen.

And Frank: here’s to the years of service yet still to be seen.


by Cllr Jabba Riaz, Mayor of Worcester

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