Mayor’s Week: 10 – 17 March 2013

Mayor’s Week: 10 – 17 March 2013

Last week was full of contrasts.  Firstly on Monday, I had meetings with the mayoral charities and with the Managing Director and Leader of the Council to discuss business matters. The charities are pleased with our attempts to highlight homelessness issues and the response to our fundraising; we’ve still got two more events scheduled for April and May!

Tuesday saw the Royal visit by HRH Duke of Gloucester, who opened the Pierson Study Centre at the University. I well remember Mr Pierson, and this was a fine way to commemorate his name through such ideal study and information services for students.

On Thursday I joined Debbie Morris and the Principal of Worcester College of Technology to present the Ability Awards to students who had suffered brain injury.  It was a heart warming occasion, and a real tribute to the efforts of students who had progressed in so many ways to receive this recognition.

During the afternoon we attended the funeral of Bob Bullock at St Marys Parish Church in Kempsey.  He was a former Justice of the Peace, Mayor, City and County Councillor, who had spent so much of his life in public service. He also contributed to the rescue of several prominent buildings in the City centre.

During the early evening we attended the West Midlands Ambulance Service Long Service and Excellence Awards at the Chateau Impney, Droitwich.  It is pleasing to note how many public servants do their job to such an excellent standard; they well deserve this recognition.

Remembering David Inight
Remembering David Inight

On Friday we attended the funeral of David Inight MBE at St Stephens Church; another former Mayor and long serving City and County Councillor. David and I shared a mutual interest in the development of council housing in the City, and latterly we had regained contact with his work at the Worcester Rotary Club. He will be sorely missed, and our sympathies go to Hilary, his partner.

On Saturday evening we attended the Charity Ball of the Mayor of Gloucester, Cllr David Brown, at Kingsholme Rugby Ground Gloucester.


One thought on “Mayor’s Week: 10 – 17 March 2013

    David and I, together with some other young boys, were great friends at
    Worcester during the War years as pupils at St. Martin’s Boys’ Scool and
    continued our friendship as young men in the years immediately after the War.
    David was, as I remember, a talented and astute member of our group.. I knew
    that he had served as Mayor of the City and it was quite by chance that I
    decided a few days ago on an impulse to look him up on the Internet, feeling
    that there would certainly be a reference to him there. I was saddened to learn
    of his recent death, but at the same time gratified to read in his obituary
    what distinguished service he had given to our native city over so many years.
    It was no surprise to me that he had done so when I recall the generous,
    warm-hearted and outward-looking friend that I knew. I remember that he was
    brought up with unwavering devotion by the two Miss Inights and had no brothers
    or sisters and I gather had no children of his own. I was therefore gladdened
    to know (if one may so put it) that he died at home in the caring hands of a
    partner and her family that he had made his own.
    I welcome this opportunity to pay tribute to him and his remarkable
    achievements on behalf of the Faithful City, which I know he was deeply
    attached to.
    Derek Jones
    Boughton, Northampton

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