Mayor’s Week: 17 – 23 February 2016

Mayor’s Week: 17 – 23 February 2016

The Commandery came to life with a weekend of history – in fact, 2,000 years of re-enacted history, with all the costumes, props and artefacts of each era represented. Worcester always brings to life our heritage and history so well.  I’m indebted to Brian Bullock for all the time he took to show Freda and I around the exhibits.

It’s amazing that all the artefacts still exist, and that is due to the dedicated groups of people who look after and treasure them for us now and for generations to come. Each room and space in the Commandery took visitors into a different era and volunteers were present in number to explain how things worked and to talk about life in each particular time frame.  The building was packed, each room different, but it didn’t end there.  The gardens were also used to great advantage with both military and domestic mini settlements demonstrating equipment and even cooking on open fires.  It was great; if you missed it, make sure you are there next year!!

firing line

Last week a new plaque was unveiled – one in a series identifying the sites of great events or locations of notable structures, such as the city gates in the days when Worcester was a walled City.

This plaque noted the approximate position of the Hop Pole Inn, a hostelry where presidents-to-be Adams and Jefferson dined during their famous visit to Worcester. Adams wrote in his diary in April 1786: “Tell your Neighbours and your Children that this is holy ground, much holier than that on which your churches stand. All England should come in Pilgrimage to this Hill [Fort Royal], once a Year.”

jefferson aeroplane

My thanks to the Civic Society, The Battle of Worcester Society and the sponsors for their work in delivering this programme – and The White House Hotel for allowing the plaque to be mounted on their front elevation.

The Cathedral hosted a Worcestershire Community Connect event, bringing together a number of charities and voluntary organisations that provide services for the disabled. Whilst there I met a charming lady who was a retired computer programmer; she was totally blind.   Whilst I sat talking with her, stroking her lovely dog, I asked her how she lost her sight. She told me that she was born without being able to see, yet she had a successful career in a role that I thought one would need vision. How wrong can one be!!.



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