Spring must be on its way as Light Night was back this week – hopefully not for the last time. Some great creativity on show, loads and loads of people, and the city showing off how well it gets this immersive culture. Desk lamps took us back to the 70s and there was real fire!!

One of my charities, Severn Arts leads this part of the Arches Project. Now we look forward to fully opening up the Arches from Foregate Street.

Shining a light on the city’s finances, this was budget week and I chaired the Council voting on the coming year’s plans. Not as argumentative as some years but not unanimous either. And we debated a few other issues of import you can read about elsewhere.

I had tea and cake with Alderman Liz Smith as she and her husband kindly donated a goblet made to mark the anniversary in 1971 of Worcester’s Charter. They seem very scarce and I was pleased to receive one for the City a couple of years after we celebrated that 400th Anniversary of James I making my predecessor, Edward Hurdman, first mayor.

After visiting some more community art and creativity, this time with Crave Arts in my own Ward on KGV, I showed a group of the Worcestershire Parent and Carers’ Community, a local charity that supports nearly 300 children with disabilities/additional needs, around the Guildhall. A fun and interesting visit where we all learned something I think.

I was given a taste of the Michael Parkinson experience too when an old friend of the Council, Robin, interviewed me about my life and experience of being a councillor and Mayor. An ambition realised for both of us I think.

And sharing a learning point from the Mayor Ale Trail round two, find food.



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