Mayor’s Week: 2 – 9 October 2014

Mayor’s Week: 2 – 9 October 2014

As an avid lover of books, it gave me particular pleasure to present the medals at The Summer Reading Challenge 2014 Awards Ceremony in St. John’s Library on Saturday, and at Warndon Library in the Fairfield Centre on Wednesday. It is heartening to see so many children reading six books over the summer holidays and meet all the parents who have encouraged and supported them in doing so. Reading books is an essential skill we must always cherish and preserve.

Attending the Chamber Music @ Worcester Opening Concert in St. Oswald’s Chapel on Saturday evening was so civilized that it reminded me of my Oxford days.  And thank you, Shulah of the Astaria String Quartet, because, no, I didn’t know there were so many differences between a violin and a viola!

I was delighted to open the Worcester Hearing Show in The Guildhall on Friday after which we had a fascinating explanation of what an extraordinary organ the ear is, and I saw the amazing range of devices to deal with hearing problems. Although hearing loss is often age-related, I did express my concern for the younger generation given the dangerously high volume at which they have become accustomed when listening to and playing their music.

I was proud to attend the Worcestershire Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade Annual Founders Day Parade Service in Sansome Walk Baptist Church on Sunday and to see so many young people doing something constructive in their spare time and receiving the Queen’s Badge, the highest award available.

I was relieved to attend the Worcestershire County Harvest Festival in the Cathedral on Sunday as I was beginning to fear that our traditional harvest festivals were dying out. It was a great event with real farmers and real food. We must continue with this tradition, especially for children, so they don’t grow up thinking all our food is grown in tins or cling film.

Northwick Manor Primary school this week launched my exciting “Be My Guest” programme whereby I am inviting into the Parlour schoolchildren and students for a tour, tea, and chat to stimulate interest in civic affairs. The pupils were delightful – polite and inquisitive – especially when one little girl said she thought I was the nicest person she had ever met! (Honest.)


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