Mayor’s Week: 27 September – 3 October 2013

Mayor’s Week: 27 September – 3 October 2013

Worcester Lifestyles volunteers were presented with certificates and qualifications at their annual meeting this week.  It was a special morning and for some, an occasion for a good hug.  Lifestyles offers opportunities to people with disabilities across Worcestershire. Upcyclers can always find something of interest at their shop in Lowesmoor, and support this hard working charity at the same time too.

Diversity Night with Age UK was as exciting as always. We were treated to a whistle-stop world tour in a single evening, featuring dance styles from India, Turkey, Ireland, the Philippines and Cuba. The Afro-Caribbean Association sang the African-American spiritual Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and a young Romanian lady sang a folk song in her native language.

Friday was a cupcake day with the Macmillan volunteers. Their Guildhall coffee morning to raise funds for cancer support was a great success.


St Swithun’s Church is one of Worcester’s hidden gems. You can see it from Mealcheapen Street, but the main door is on a secluded alleyway. This lovely Georgian church hopes to become better known and is looking for ideas for its future use. I had a tour of the organ loft, and got to meet a Harris Hawk and a Gyr Hawk up close and personal too!

On Thursday afternoon, I visited Acorns and was able to chat with families who use the hospice.  Acorns do a superb job of caring for children with life limiting conditions, and families say it has transformed their lives. Some of the children were being entertained by a beautiful golden retriever and his folk singing owner – a good time seemed to be had by all.

Mayor at Acorns
My visit to Acorns


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