Mayor’s Week: 5 – 11 October 2013

Mayor’s Week: 5 – 11 October 2013

Phil and I attended an exuberant dinner and dance in aid of St Richard’s Hospice on Friday evening. Our hosts, Mr and Mrs Saladino, and many of their guests were Italian. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, and party goers were very generous with their support for St Richards.

Local Samaritans gathered to celebrate their 50 year anniversary for delivering their service in Worcester. Bishop John Inge arrived on his racing bike. He was wearing his Petrel Cross, as worn by his predecessor at the Samaritans’ opening fifty years ago. The Samaritans’ helpline offers a listening support to people experiencing substantial emotional distress, and is available 24/7.

We spent much of Sunday at the Cathedral for the Shrievalty Service and the County Harvest Festival Service. The first was very grand and dignified, while the second was quite informal with members of the farming community participating.


I had a lovely afternoon on Tuesday, presenting awards to children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge at St John’s Library. Two hundred children had taken part and each young person who succeeded in reading six books received a medal and a certificate of achievement.

Warndon Parish Council had a lively meeting to discuss matters of local interest, including play areas, and their wish to be more involved in planning for play in the neighbourhood going forward.


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