Mayor’s Week: 31 March – 6 April 2017

Mayor’s Week: 31 March – 6 April 2017

A new High Sheriff for Worcestershire was sworn in at The Shire Hall last week. The ancient ceremony saw Sir Nicholas Letchmere hand over his responsibilities to Mr Stephen Betts. Although largely a ceremonial post today, the High Sheriff when created in Saxon times was a senior legal officer.

High Sheriffs are unpaid and cost nothing to public funds, but do a great deal to support crime prevention and law and order. I have enjoyed meeting Sir Nicholas during the past year and am sure that the next mayor will find Mr Betts equally agreeable.

Mr Spyros Tsangarakis recently opened Yamass, a new Greek restaurant in Broad Street, and we were his guests last Friday. The place is attractively decorated in blue and white, the typical colours found in the owner’s homeland, the island of Corfu. We were made very welcome and enjoyed the food, service and ambience of this latest addition to our city’s culinary offer. We will certainly be back.

On Saturday, my charity casino and banquet took place in The Guildhall. This most enjoyable and successful event was planned and staffed by members of the Rotary Club of Worcester. Thanks to all of them for their voluntary efforts and to all who came and contributed generously to my charities.

Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College invited us to its performing arts evening this week. My daughter Lucinda and I thoroughly enjoyed outstanding performances of music, singing, drama and dance by students. Congratulations to them all for their hard work. I hope that many will continue to perform long after they leave the college, so that others can enjoy their shows in future.

I welcomed a number of international students and adults from about a dozen different countries this week. It s wonderful that visitors from overseas choose to visit Worcester and I always make them very welcome.

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