Mayor’s Week: 5 – 11 January 2018

Mayor’s Week: 5 – 11 January 2018

Last Saturday I enjoyed a pleasant evening in Bewdley.  The Mayor there, Mrs Anna Coleman, has a Russian heritage and so in an effort to raise funds for her chosen charities, arranged a Russian Christmas Celebration evening for guests.  All the food was prepared by her and her son, while the entertainment was made up of everyday games played in Russian homes. A very good idea, with the proceeds going to help local people.

Reverend Doug Chaplin and I met this week to discuss Worcester’s Holocaust Memorial Day Service, which will be held at the Guildhall at 10.30am on Saturday 27 January.  Please come along and join us for this moving ceremony – people all over the world will be attending similar events in their local community.

Later in the week Alison and I were invited to attend the Blessed Edward Oldcorne School Career Fair.  This event has run for the last three years and judging by the interest shown by the students, it was a real success.

The emphasis was on the digital market with not only Oxford University, local colleges and local industries aiming to recruit individuals, but also the armed forces.  Speaking with both representatives and the students themselves, it is apparent that not only is it important to have jobs available but also for information about them to be easily accessible, to help students make the best career choices.

From now until the end of my mayoral year in May I will be focusing on raising more funds for my chosen charities: Headway, Onside Advocacy and Victim Support.  There will be a Mayor’s Charity Dinner featuring Broadway Music from Starbuck Theatre Group on 23 March; a Concert Brass evening on 13 April and a Medical Lecture on 17 April.

If you would like to come to any of these you would be most welcome! Additionally I’m doing a Charity Skydive on 7 March – just trying to raise a few extra pounds and probably lose a few (in weight) through fear. I am still seeking more sponsors so if you did feel able to make a donation, please go to and search for Steve Mackay, where any amount may be pledged. Thank you.


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