Mayor’s Week: 6 – 12 June 2020

Mayor’s Week: 6 – 12 June 2020

It is so nice to have the opportunity to write to everyone at this time when it is impossible to come out and meet people face to face.  Through this column I can wish for your continued health and well being, and keep in touch.

Monday will be a big day for Worcester businesses when the majority of our shops open to the public.  Many of you will be looking forward to this as much as I am!  While we will all feel a sense of relief towards a return to a normal way of life, I would urge you all to take the greatest of care when going out and remember to maintain social distancing to protect yourselves and other shoppers and shop staff.

The re-opening of shops is the next step to get back to our old way of life, but the coronavirus is still out there and dangerous to us all, so we must not forget the basic rules to keep us safe.  Signs will be out in the city centre reminding us and offering advice.   Perhaps have your first trip out later in the week, rather than on the first day of opening.

On Saturday a Black Lives Matter rally will be held in Worcester. I wholeheartedly support the message being given by this rally and hope that the day will pass safely and peacefully for all demonstrators and police – with social distancing being observed, so that the very important message being made is not overshadowed.

We have seen in other rallies around the country that protestors can demonstrate without any uncivil behaviour and without endangering each other’s health by breaking coronavirus safety advice, and I am sure that Worcester demonstrators can do the same.

As the easing of lockdown moves on a step further with the joyful news that people in single households can now join a family ‘bubble’ with another household indoors, I am reminded how these little things, that we used to take for granted, mean so much to us.  It encourages us to consider what is really important in our lives, and to treasure friends and family.



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