A shout out to all those anonymous page-turners, like you Sir at the Brahms concert – well done. A vital but unsung role that if it went wrong, would have ruined the beautiful repertoire we experienced at the Covid Remembrance Concert. We all contribute something no matter how unrecognised, which is why I said hello at the International Workers’ Day event. As one of those workers myself, I took May Day off.

I was guest at the Severn Arts Worcestershire Festival of Music with 200 musicians ranging from seven to 23 performing a wide variety of pieces: Vaughan Williams, plastic shark, Deep Purple, Bizet, an interesting rendition of Santana’s ‘Oye Como Va’, and a rousing ‘Finlandia’ a piece written in opposition to Russian oppression in 1900. I was sorry to miss the second half.

I was pleased to open another temporary art exhibition in The Arches including work from a man I met on one of my pub visits!  I presented Marcus Sparrow of Worcester City FC with a special trophy as he had missed me at the last match, and midweek cut the ribbon, officially opening the infrastructure at the back of the University Arena linking Hylton Road with Henwick, just by the old Halt. A cycle path and footpath and additionally several electric car chargers and another example of the University’s community responsibility.

Finally, we popped into All Saints’ Church to show how the 18th century sword rest on the pillar was placed there for the Mayor’s Sword. Thanks to the parish for allowing me to reunite them.

You know the end is nigh as Mayor at 3.30am on Election Night with all the results in and all that is left is to open the new Council meeting. After a few more appointments in the intervening fortnight of course.



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