I was recently asked by some university students “with all the geopolitical and environmental issues facing the world are you still optimistic?” Of course, the answer is yes. The world may have challenges and problems to overcome but right here in Worcester we live in an amazing place.

There are lots of reasons to be positive about our city. I am looking ahead to many events in 2024. In January I’ll be joining the Malayali community in their Christmas and new year celebrations at Nunnery Wood Sports Centre. There are quite a number of Malayali people originally coming from southern India that came here to work in places like Worcester Hospital.

In February we will see the colourful Chinese New Year celebrations held at the Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum and also the spectacular return of the city centre Light Festival organised by Severn Arts.

In March I’m organising a black-tie charity fashion show at the Guildhall along with local schools and Age UK. The fashion show will be upcycling items of donated clothing, it’s a fantastic opportunity for local students to show what they can do. I hope that it will develop their creative skills and boost their confidence whilst raising money to support local people living in and around the city.

In August, although I’ll no longer be Mayor by then I’m looking forward to the great Penguin Waddle organised by and in aid of St Richard’s Hospice.

New Year is a time to reflect a little on the year just gone and look ahead and think of the possibilities and opportunities ahead of us. I hope you had a good Christmas. I wish you a Happy New Year – let’s make it a good year!


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