My visits last week included ASPIE, a social, support and therapy group for adults with Asperger’s. Asperger’s syndrome is often considered a high functioning form of autism. It can lead to difficulty interacting socially, repeat behaviours, and clumsiness. But on the positive side people with Asperger’s are often very intelligent, exhibit high integrity and work well with detail.

ASPIE is different from most groups for people on the spectrum in that they were founded by an Asperger adult and everyone at ASPIE either has the condition and /or the lived experience. Their centre in Worcester is a safe haven where Asperger adults can drop the mask they wear in the outside world and find acceptance, friendship and support to reduce isolation, anxiety, depression self-harm and suicidal tendencies and increase self-worth and confidence to achieve the social inclusion, education and employment opportunities they long for.

Julia Micklewright gave me an insight into the difficulties people on the spectrum encounter because of their different wiring and the need for the laid-back environment which allows members at their own pace, to join in board games, discussions, art, plus computer/internet access for strategic games etc. They have a music room with a couple of keyboards and guitars.  Poker is popular and so are their quiz nights. Their football team, ASPIE Avengers have won many trophies and accolades.

After a tour of the centre, I was able to mix and mingle with many members and joined in a game of Cards for Humanity. After that I met one of the ASPIE counsellors, Justine, art therapist, and members of the art group, preparing pumpkins for their Halloween party next week. I was made to feel very welcome. Thank you Julia for everything you do.

ASPIE is a very friendly and nonjudgmental group. Any adult on the spectrum feeling alone and misunderstood is welcome to visit. You can see more about them on



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