Mayor’s Week: 16 – 22 October 2022

Mayor’s Week: 16 – 22 October 2022

I chaired the first full Council since the summer this week, lasting three-and-a-half hours. We saw the end of one Leader but fully expect the new one to be safely in place at the next meeting in November. Meanwhile, the Council staff and members continue to operate consistently.

The Big Worcester Sleep Out event reminded us why a lot of us came into politics. The issue of homelessness still needs money and awareness and other resources, not least empathy. Several participants had been through or close to homeless periods in their lives, bringing a reality check to the situation.

Worcester’s annual Film Festival ran last weekend and was a very successful multi-dimensional step-up from last year, with the prospect of a great future. I was able to get to one showing, a fascinating remastered 1950s documentary about making porcelain. This festival has great potential.

This week Worcester hosted the visit of HRH Princess Anne, attending the Clothiers’ Company 500th Anniversary Dinner, to which I was pleased to be invited. The Princess Royal spoke highly of the Guildhall and the city.

The next day we greeted HRH Princess Alexandra, a sprightly 86, visiting Henry Sandon Hall to meet representatives of community and voluntary groups including the Film Festival, Engage with China, Monday Night Club, Soft Lads, and my own Elgar Festival. Tea and cake was enjoyed by all.


The Civic Society’s Annual Lecture in aid of mayoral charities was from Marcus Binney, an expert in campaigns to save and, crucially, re-purpose historic buildings and heritage. Helpfully, he has just moved to Worcester.

The weekend had me in church again, firstly supporting the Mayor of Redditch’s Civic Service, and later, the High Sheriff in the Cathedral. Tea and cake twice there too.

Now, who was it that said something about princesses being like buses….

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