Mayor’s Week: 11 – 17 November 2015

Mayor’s Week: 11 – 17 November 2015

TS Ark Royal Navy Training Corps held their Annual Presentation Evening at KGV Community Centre; it was a delightful, very well organised evening that was a privilege to attend. On arrival we were met by a Marine Officer and were “piped” through the main door to the hall – the Mayoress and I were most impressed!

TS Ark Royal was launched on the 10th November 2009 and the first Cadet to join was Charlie Cooper, who has made her way through the ranks and has continued on to become Chief Petty Officer. Corporal Jones, not of Dad’s Army fame I’m sure; and Officer Cadet Vaughan Griffiths are still active right through from its formation, which is testimony to both Officers and staff.

It was a moving end to the evening as the Commanding Officer, Lt. Cdr Jackie Cooper, said her goodbyes as she was standing down as CO. Several of the Cadets could not hold back their tears as they had grown so fond of her. That said a tremendous amount about the way she had carried out her role over the past six years, and the following she had earned from the Cadets.

naval picA

Also on the subject of youth organisations, the Hereford and Worcester Scouts held their Japan Presentation Evening at Hereford Town Hall on Friday 13 November.. The International Scouting Jamboree was held in Japan last summer and representatives from both counties had the opportunity to attend. They spoke of their experiences, showed videos and presentations were made. It was clear that the trip had created a lasting impression with them and they all had wonderful memories. The fascinating culture and the great hospitality of the Japanese people had made a great impression on them.

The Christmas Lights are up and on, brightening up our High Street. They were switched on by Georgie Gibbs, aged three! Georgie, from St John’s, Worcester, has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and her parents are hoping to raise £60,000 so she can receive pioneering medical treatment in America.



It is hoped that by raising her profile, we can assist mum Clare and dad Carl to be able to raise enough money for Georgie to receive the treatment. To find out more, go to:-

Having Georgie switching the lights on made a lovely occasion wonderful, and the turnout for the event was absolutely amazing!!

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